Beware: Budget Travel Means Cheapskate Mentality Ahead

They make horrible clients, demanding, can be obnoxious like spoiled brats

Valerie Delzer


Credit: Adobe Stock

In the old days of travel, i.e. before the internet, people would contact an airline or a travel professional asking for the best deal possible whether it was for a flight, or flight with hotel and/or car-rental. It was a straight-forward process and most people used manners when asking for the lower price point.

Then along came deregulation and the competition ramped up. Marketing was largely more visible in newspapers, magazines, billboards, and TV. People were excited how inexpensively they could travel. Sales went up and up. It was a booming industry. It was a fun time to be in the travel industry.

Fast-forward to the advent of the internet. People could now search out low-fares and special deals on their home computer. It made life easier. Often-times they’d end up calling to verify if they could still get the $49 fare to Las Vegas they saw on TV. They were disappointed to find there were rules to get that low of a fare. The $49 was based on a round-trip, requiring a week-end stayover and was valid during a set date of availability. In other words, it was a limited fare and had restrictions. But the next fare that was available for what they wanted, wasn’t too bad at $79…