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Who Is The Travel Professional?

Travel Agent vs. Travel Blogger; What’s the Difference?

Valerie Delzer
12 min readDec 10, 2019


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What defines being a professional?

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the definition of the word professional is:

Definition of professional (noun)
: one that is professional especially : one that engages in a pursuit or activity professionally

What constitutes the term professional is someone who demonstrates certain characteristics involving behavior, education, and ethics, as they relate to the particular job.

We know that doctors and lawyers (as two popular examples of many) require extensive educational training as well as the joining of associations particular to their line of work. We know that licensing is a must for many professions as well, in order to practice their professional trade.

Even when a person has met the requirements for education and training, and joins their respective trade associations agreeing to abide by the standards set forth for that industry, what comes next?


The behaviors associated with day-to-day work life are what demonstrate all of the knowledge, training, and adherence to ethics that define the professional vs. non-professional. Whether the person is engaged in working with the public or consumers-at-large (also known as B2C) or with other businesses (also known as B2B), the professional becomes known by their behavior to others. When others speak well of someone they have worked with, we often hear the words “He/She was professional” — meaning in their behavior and appearance.

As the word professional has now been fully defined, the next question explores the context of a professional specifically within the travel industry.


There are segments to the travel industry known as the suppliers, which includes airlines, hotels, tour operators, car rental companies, railway companies, and cruise lines. The travel industry wouldn’t exist without these suppliers because, quite simply, they are what allow people to get from one…