Please Don’t Feed the Trolls

Valerie Delzer
2 min readMay 6, 2022

They want to trap you into fights.

Photo by MARIOLA GROBELSKA on Unsplash . Trolls lie. You know it when you see their nose growing.

I haven’t been posting on Medium for awhile now. I still occassionally check articles to read using the app. Yesterday, I discovered an odd reply to a reply I made an someone else’s post from long ago. Very random. I didn’t care for the “chummy” response so I told it “go away troll”.

You know it’s a troll when it has zero followers, zero following, and zero posts. Not to mention a generic name on the profile.

Some would say it’s a bot, just ignore it. Sure, I know those bots when I see ’em. They’re all over Twitter and Elon Musk wants to do something about it.

But this was different because as soon as I blocked/muted said troll, another one came in and manically posted 6 replies in a row to my “go away troll” comment. This *person* ahem, if you could call such an idiot a person, was looking to stir me up with such insane comments. This was not a bot. What kind of person would sit there saying I offended their “man” and then proceed to spoil for a fight?

Complete strangers? Who knows? Who cares?

I reported both zero accounts, then blocked and muted them.

If it had been a bot at least it wouldn’t continue on with the comments.

What will Medium do to these trolls that attack out of nowhere? I’m waiting to see if those accounts get banned. Maybe Medium is too busy with all the other complaints I see about the new features Medium unveiled in the last few months. Maybe this attack on me was related to the glitchy Medium app. I dunno. I wish Medium was better at banning these unacceptable zero loser accounts.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve had such a random attack.

Update: It looks like the female troll is now “unknown user”. Yay, she’s gone! The other one is still there…

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